In starting from the simple question, ‘Why didn’t the field of constitutional studies ever generate a school of thought akin to TWAIL?’, this article seeks to sketch the contours, obstacles and promises of Southern constitutionalism. In confronting the intra-, meta-, and extra-disciplinary challenges to such a project, the article defines the ‘South’ of Southern constitutionalism, not the ‘South’ of the developed ‘North’, but rather the ‘South’ of the modernist hopes in – and the post-modernist disappointments with – the templates of Western constitutional imagination.

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Keywords anthropology of sovereignty, comparative constitutional law, constitutional imagination, Constitutionalism, Global South, TWAIL
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Journal Third World Quarterly
Oklopcic, Z. (2016). The South of Western constitutionalism: a map ahead of a journey. Third World Quarterly, 37(11), 2080–2097. doi:10.1080/01436597.2016.1205441