The use of sensor-equipped smart facilities has been increasing, and is expected to become more prevalent in the growing world of Internet of Things that allows various sensor-based systems to be monitored and/or controlled over a network. Examples of such facilities that are the ingredients of smart cities include sensor-based bridges and smart buildings, as well as industrial machines, including aerospace machinery. This chapter focuses on cloud-based solutions for the effective management of such smart facilities. The general system-architecture for a cloud-based platform for managing smart facilities, and the underlying middleware services required for facilities management are described. Techniques for effective management of resources in sensor networks and in parallel systems performing data analytics on data collected on a facility are discussed. The chapter includes two case studies: the management of sensor-based bridges, and a platform for enhancing collaboration among researchers of smart facilities.

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Keywords Cloud-based management of sensor-equipped bridges, Cloud-based research platform, Cloud-based smart-facilities management, IoT and smart cities, Management of cyber-physical systems, MapReduce with deadlines, Resource management on clouds, Resource management on wireless sensor networks, Smart-facility management
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Majumdar, S. (2016). Cloud-Based Smart-Facilities Management. In Internet of Things: Principles and Paradigms (pp. 319–339). doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-805395-9.00017-4

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