The solubilities of several low‐volatility compounds in supercritical fluids were measured. The fluids used were pure carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide modified with small amounts of organic liquids. Some enthalpies of solution of solids in carbon dioxide at a density of 0.80 g/mL are presented. The enthalpy of solution of fluoranthene in carbon dioxide was found to be less endothermic at higher CO2 density. The order of solubilities in the modified fluids was the same as that in the pure liquid modifiers. The same apparatus was used to measure vapor pressures of some substances as well as solubilities. Copyright

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Keywords solubility, supercritical fluids, vapor pressure
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Journal The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Burk, R, & Kruus, P. (Peeter). (1992). Solubilities of solids in supercritical fluids. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 70(2), 403–407. doi:10.1002/cjce.5450700230