The authors present a stakeholder-driven method, the earliest anticipated timeline of impact, which is designed to assess stakeholder expectations for the earliest time frame in which social programs are likely to affect outcomes. The utility of the anticipated timeline of impact is illustrated using an example from an evaluation of a comprehensive community initiative in which such a timeline was developed using the concept-mapping methodology. The benefits of such a timeline, including for planning programs and evaluations, are explored. Some potential problems that might arise when developing a stakeholder-driven timeline of impact are also discussed.

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Keywords concept map, stakeholder evaluation, theory of change, timeline of impact
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Journal American Journal of Evaluation
Sridharan, S. (Sanjeev), Campbell, B, & Zinzow, H. (Heidi). (2006). Developing a Stakeholder-Driven Anticipated Timeline of Impact for Evaluation of Social Programs. American Journal of Evaluation, 27(2), 148–162. doi:10.1177/1098214006287990