The size-dependent features concerning the mechanical behavior of the micro/nano electronic structures are well known from experiments. They are described by the strain-gradient effect in this paper since the classical elasticity theory fails to capture the size effect of the nanostructures. The electric field-strain gradient coupling is considered in the constitutive equations of the material and the governing equations are derived with the corresponding boundary conditions using the variational principle. The path independent J-integral is derived for fracture mechanics analysis of piezoelectric solids described by the gradient theory.

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Keywords 2D crack problems, Flexoelectricity, Gradient theory, Size effect
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Series Key Engineering Materials
Sladek, J. (Jan), Sladek, V. (Vladimir), Zhang, C. (Chuanzeng), & Tan, C. (2016). The J-integral for gradient theory of piezoelectricity. In Key Engineering Materials. doi:10.4028/