The practitioner interested in reducing software verification effort may found herself lost in the many alternative definitions of Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing that exist and their relation to the notion of system testing. One result of these many definitions is that one may end up testi ng twice the same parts of the Software Under Test (SUT), specifically the application logic code. To clarify two important testing activities for the avoidance of duplicate testing effort, this paper studies possible differences between GUI testing and system testing experimentally. Specifically, we selected a SUT equipped with system tests that directly exercise the application code; We used GUITAR, a well-known GUI testing software to GUI test this SUT. Experimental results show important differences between system testing and GUI testing in terms of structural coverage and test cost.

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Keywords System testing, GUI testing, Entity-Control-Boundary design principle
Publisher Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Series SCE Technical Reports
Alkhalid, A., & Labiche, Y. (2016). Comparing GUI Functional System Testing with Functional System Logic Testing - An Experiment. SCE Technical Reports. Department of Systems and Computer Engineering.