Public broadcasting in Canada has met with separate fates depending on which language group constituted its main audience. While the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has suffered an erosion of audiences and credibility, leading to a legitimation crisis, Société Radio-Canada (SRC) has remained relatively strong and popular. The difference is due to the way in which the two audiences originally integrated the new medium into their overall cultural patterns, created infrastructures and adopted or rejected new programming styles. Additionally, public broadcasting has been subjected to ongoing political pressure, which has contributed to its marginalization. While Canadian public broadcasting is sometimes looked upon as a model for resisting American influence, reconciling cultural differences, or competing internationally, it faces an uncertain future with few allies.

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Keywords Canada, legitimation, nationalism, public broadcasting
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Journal Gazette
Attallah, P. (Paul). (2000). Public broadcasting in Canada: Legitimation Crisis and the Loss of Audience. Gazette, 62(3-4), 177–203. doi:10.1177/0016549200062003002