This article examines the recent magazine dispute between Canada and the USA that was the subject of a World Trade Organization panel ruling in 1997. Canada withdrew or amended the offending measures and subsequently introduced new legislation which the USA claimed to be a replacement of one of the banned measures. This led to the continuation of the dispute and finally to a negotiated settlement in 1999. After examining the underlying facts and the arguments used in this and previous trade conflicts involving periodicals, the article concludes that a continuation of past protectionist policies offers only the possibility of more conflict. In order to bring about a rationalization of the Canadian magazine industry, a reorientation is needed towards a more open perspective. Comment is made on the relevance of these events for other countries.

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Keywords Canadian magazine policy, trade disputes, World Trade Organization
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Journal Gazette
Acheson, K, & Maule, C. (Christopher). (2000). Rethinking Canadian magazine policy. Gazette, 62(3-4), 205–229. doi:10.1177/0016549200062003003