Computer‐based conferencing is a form of computer‐mediated communication which supports group discussion. This report describes the reaction of scientists who participated in such a conference and were asked to comment on the technology itself and on the scientific value of the exercise. While 78% indicated that they would participate in other computer‐based conferences, they also identified improvements that they would like to see. Scientists from developing countries were concerned primarily with technical problems because their capability for on‐line participation was low; most received the transcript in the mail and sent their contributions by TELEX. However, the problems identified by the industralized‐country participants require social, not technical, solutions. These scientists were concerned about the lack of contribution of others, the quality of the information that was presented, and the lack of focus or direction to the conference. They saw little of value contributed by others, but were also reluctant to contribute themselves to such an open conference. These concerns are described and related to a number of topics in social psychology such as equity, leadership, and communication networks. 1984 The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues