This article addresses the challenges of using mediation in conflicts involving immigrants and refugees by examining the case of Colombian migrants in Ecuador. It proposes ways to adapt the community mediation model to better serve migrants in conflict, enhancing mediators' awareness and capacity to navigate cross-cultural differences, power imbalances, distrust of state institutions, and other common challenges. Trust, access, form, and capacity of the mediation and the mediator are key dimensions of host-migrant conflict resolution. The article suggests that using nonstate conflict resolution organizations and emphasizing relationships more than technical neutrality can improve the effectiveness of mediation involving migrants.

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Journal Conflict Resolution Quarterly
Pugh, J. (Jeffrey), Sulewski, D. (David), & Moreno, J. (Julie). (2017). Adapting Community Mediation for Colombian Forced Migrants in Ecuador. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 34(4), 409–430. doi:10.1002/crq.21184