The performance of error correction codes in conjunction with different diversity methods is investigated in a simulated multiuser indoor radio communications environment in the presence of a single interferer. Bit-error curves are presented for soft-decision convolution coding and for trellis coding with simple diversity methods. The degradation in bit error rate caused by CCI (cochannel interference) on uncoded QPSK (quadrature phase-shift keying), convolutionally coded QPSK, and trellis-coded 8PSK is presented. The results indicate that the given trellis codes (without interleaving) have poor performance in a Rayleigh fading medium; their performance is even worse in the presence of both fading and CCI. The performance of soft-decision convolutional coding was much better than that of trellis, but at the expense of increasing the channel bandwidth.

41st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Hanna, S.A., El-Tanany, M, & Mahmoud, S.A. (1991). Simulated performance of coded digital transmission in a multi-user indoor radio communications environment. Presented at the 41st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference.