We present a simulation study evaluating the performance of trellis-coded modulation with combined code/ISI sequence estimation for high bit rate (800 Kb/s) transmission on subscriber loops. The receiver contains a fractionally spaced forward filter of a decision feedback equalizer (DFE) as a front end. This is shown to suppress phase synchronized crosstalk very effectively. The performance is further enhanced by the use of trellis code with a large number of states received with an M algorithm sequence-estimating receiver with a smaller number of states.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Carleton University

Mohanraj, P., & Kwasniewski, T. (1991). Baseband Trellis-Coded Modulation with Combined Equalization/Decoding for High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Loops. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 9(6), 871–875. doi:10.1109/49.93097