Value co-creation has emerged as a multifaceted innovation, marketing, and business paradigm describing how customers and end users can become active participants in the design and development of personalized products, services, and experiences. The term has acquired a wide use in both business and academic circles to the extent that it has become quite fashionable to speak about co-creation and very often in ways that actually have nothing to do with customers and end users. The goal of this book is focus on the business- and innovation-related aspects of co-creation.

"Reading the articles in this book let me understand that the threads of co-creation are woven through existing business strategy, but with a more conscious use of these co-creation concepts, that strategy can evolve. Enjoy this valuable book and be part of that evolution" (from the foreword by Adam Chowaniec, CEO, Amiga2).

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Publisher Talent First Network
ISBN 978-0-7709-0571-2
Series TIM Books
Tanev, Stoyan, & Seppä, Marko. (2013). Value Co-Creation: Best of TIM Review. TIM Books. Talent First Network.

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