Developing applications for touch devices is hard. Developing touch based applications for multi-user input is harder. The Multi-Touch for Java (MT4j) toolkit supports developing touch based applications for multiple users. In this paper, we outline our experience using MT4j for developing a number of software applications to support developers working in co-located teams. Our experience using the toolkit will help developers to understand the nuances of the toolkit and design issues that can be applied to other toolkits for developing multi-user touch based applications.

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Keywords Java, Multi-Touch, Programming, Visualization
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Conference 1st International Workshop on Mobile Development, Mobile! 2016
Anslow, C. (Craig), Marshall, S. (Stuart), Noble, J. (James), & Biddle, R. (2016). Hacking with Multi-touch for Java (MT4j). In Mobile! 2016 - Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Mobile Development, co-located with SPLASH 2016 (pp. 17–20). doi:10.1145/3001854.3001858