A history of the global impact of Swedish cinema would likely highlight the popularity of Swedish Golden Age films in 1920s France, mid-century Swedish art films in Western Europe and North America, and Swedish-European co-productions of the 1990s through today. This chapter argues that Swedish films were made for and seen by global audiences from the beginning; they were never intended solely for Swedish or Nordic audiences. It explores the travels of Swedish film in even more countries by investigating Svenska Bio's distribution logbooks, records from the Swedish state department, and international newspapers. The chapter focuses on films made by Svenska Bio and its successor, Svensk Filmindustri, because these companies made the biggest, most consistent inroads into international markets. Swedish films traveled to audiences around the world from the very beginning, benefiting from Pathe Freres' and Nordisk's extensive networks, as well as the aggressive efforts of Svenska Bio/SF itself. (Publisher summary)

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Horak, L. (2016). The Global Distribution of Swedish Silent Film. In A Companion to Nordic Cinema, edited by Mette Hjort, Ursula Lindqvist (pp. 457–484). Wiley.