Flexible space structures have serious problems with vibration, position and shape control. Long decay of vibration, flexibility-fatigue and instability are common problems in these structures, hi this paper an efficient active control system using piezoelectric transducers for a flexible structure is presented. The PVDF (Polarized homopolymer of Vinylidene Fluoride) piezofilms and the PZT (Lead-Zirconaie-Titanate) piezoceramics are used as sensors and actuators respectively. The LQG method, based on a full state feedback, has been used to design the control system. The paper shows that piezoelectric transducers can be used efficiently in the active control of flexible structures. Results show that the LQG compensator could be implemented in practice.

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Conference Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 1994
Yousefi-Koma, A., Sasiadek, J, & Vukovich, G. (1994). Lqg control of flexible structures using piezoelements. In Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 1994 (pp. 893–900).