Before he left for South Asia to research Canadian Aid, in 1960, Keith Spicer bought a camera. The pictures he brought back are par tof the family collection. His son Dag digitized them and, at our request, helped his father identify them. They have never been published. The research performed by Dr. Spicer would become the foundation of his thesis and laid the groundwork for what would become CUSO (initially known as the Canadian Overseas Volunteers). The captions on each image are quotes provided by Dr. Spicer.

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Publisher Carleton University

Thanks are due to I-CUREUS and to CURO for funding and assistance, as well as to Dr. Keith Spicer and Dag Spicer for permission to use and collaboration in identifying the material. A Story Map developed from the personal papers of Dr. Keith Spicer, for the Canadian Network of Humanitarian History.

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Owens, Tyler, & Marshall, D. (2017). The Making of "A Samaritan State?" Travels and Pictures (43 Pictures). Carleton University.