Modelling occupant behaviours presents an opportunity to better predict building energy performance and comfort in real situations to support building design and operation. The implementation of such representative occupant models is achievable with the development of occupant models derived from the empirical data, which are collected in existing buildings. Collecting data of occupants' presence and behaviours can be, however, a challenging effort that requires prior knowledge, skills, and a significant investment. This paper critically reviews past, current, and potential future techniques for monitoring occupant behaviours in the context of existing buildings. The lessons learned and recommendations for future research in the field are drawn from previous experience in the literature and anecdotal evidence.

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Keywords existing buildings, monitoring techniques, occupant behaviour
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Journal Journal of Building Performance Simulation
Gilani, S. (Sara), & O'Brien, W. (2016). Review of current methods, opportunities, and challenges for in-situ monitoring to support occupant modelling in office spaces. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 1–27. doi:10.1080/19401493.2016.1255258