The wave cancellation properties of an inclined-hole porous wall are examined for the case where each hole has a splitter plate designed for edgetone noise attenuation. Wave cancellation is ascertained by comparing measured cone/cylinder surface pressure signatures with those measured in the very low blockage tests carried out in the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) 16-ft wind tunnel, for a range of wall porosity settings, over a Mach number range of 1.0-1.4. In general, the present data show that low wall interference can be obtained. The optimum porosity settings are distinctly lower than those found for the AEDC 4-ft wind tunnel.

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Journal Journal of Aircraft
Elfstrom, G.M., Medved, B., & Rainbird, W.J. (1989). Wave cancellation properties of a splitter-plate porous wall configuration. Journal of Aircraft, 26(10), 920–924. doi:10.2514/3.45862