This survey is to summarize and compare existing and recently emerging approaches for the analysis and compensation of the effects of network-induced delays on the stability and performance of communication-based power control systems. Several important communication-based power control systems are briefly introduced. The deterministic and stochastic methodologies of analyzing the impacts of network-induced delays on the stability of the communication-based power control systems are summarized and compared. A variety of control approaches are reviewed and compared for mitigating the effects of network-induced delays, depending on several design requirements, such as model dependence and design difficulty. The summary and comparison of these control approaches in this survey provide researchers and utilities valuable guidance for designing advanced communication-based power control systems in the future.

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Keywords Communication technology, Network-induced delay, Power system control, Power system dynamic
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Journal ISA Transactions
Liu, S. (Shichao), Liu, P, & Wang, X. (2017). Stability analysis and compensation of network-induced delays in communication-based power system control: A survey. ISA Transactions. doi:10.1016/j.isatra.2016.09.022