Every year, for over three decades, Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario has participated with other local educational institutions in providing a week-long instruction program that introduces young students to higher education. Highly motivated participants in grades 8 – 11 and numbering over 3,000 attend from several school boards in both eastern Ontario and western Quebec. The Enriched Mini Course Program has become an important recruitment tool for each institution, and at Carleton University, over 50 enriched mini courses are offered including one recent addition by the MacOdrum library staff. In this article, the author recounts how leading an enriched mini course for millennials in the university library's new Discovery Centre is an innovative initiative that demonstrates the significance of the academic library in the local community, and how staff collaboration helps to develop team building and positive vibes with the millennials.

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Keywords staff collaboration, discovery centre, enrichment course, outreach, millennial generation, Generation Z
Tudin, S. (2016). The benefits of an Enrichment Mini Course for millennials in the library’s Discovery Centre.