A near infrared (NIR) electrochromic attenuator based on a dinuclear ruthenium complex and polycrystalline tungsten oxide was fabricated and characterized. The results show that the use of the NIR-absorbing ruthenium complex as a counter electrode material can improve the device performance. By replacing the visible electrochromic ferrocene with the NIR-absorbing ruthenium complex, the optical attenuation at 1550 nm was enhanced from 19.1 to 30.0 dB and color efficiency also increased from 29.2 to 121.2 cm2/C.

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Keywords Dinuclear ruthenium complex, Near infrared electrochromic, Optical attenuation, Polycrystalline tungsten oxide
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1007/BF02899636
Journal Chinese Science Bulletin
Zhang, J. (Jidong), Wu, X. (Xianguo), Yu, H. (Hongan), Yan, D. (Donghang), & Wang, Z.Y. (2005). Near infrared electrochromic variable optical attenuator based on ruthenium complex and polycrystalline tungsten oxide. Chinese Science Bulletin, 50(23), 2688–2690. doi:10.1007/BF02899636