The development of organic laser diodes requires the availability of organic thin films that can attain high mobility without luminescence quenching. A dithiophene-substituted indenofluorene compound was designed as a compromise between luminous efficiency and mobility and has been studied in organic light-emitting diode and organic field-effect transistor devices. A relatively high luminous efficiency of 1 cdA at a luminance of 1400 cd m2 and a hole field-effect mobility of 1.2× 10-2 cm2 V s are reported in those two respective devices.

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Journal Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A
Py, C., Gorjanc, T.C., Hadizad, T., Zhang, J., & Wang, Z.Y. (2006). Hole mobility and electroluminescence properties of a dithiophene indenofluorene. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 24(3), 654–656. doi:10.1116/1.2180265