NIR chiroptical switching: The first demonstration of significant chiroptical switching in the NIR spectral region of 700-2000 nm (see figure) is made with novel redox-active chiral molecules. These are designed according to a newly established unambiguous structural model correlating chiroptical properties with geometric structures. (Graph Presented)

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Keywords Chirality, Circular dichroism, Density functional calculations, Near infrared, Viologens
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Journal ChemPhysChem
Deng, J. (Jian), Song, N. (Naiheng), Liu, W. (Wenjian), Zhou, Q. (Qifeng), & Wang, Z.Y. (2008). Towards near-infrared chiroptically switching materials: Theoretical and experimental studies on viologen-containing 1,1′-binaphthyls. ChemPhysChem, 9(9), 1265–1269. doi:10.1002/cphc.200800140