A novel Brayton open cycle engine is under development. An interactive mirocomputer model has been developed which analyzes the thermodynamic performance of the engine. The model has demonstrated itself to be a powerful tool for evaluating engine thermal efficiency, net specific work, and power. It can be used to analyze the performance of individual engine designs, to generate performance 'maps' that graphically represent engine operating characteristics, and to perform sensitivity analysis to compare the relative effects of various input parameters. Examples of each of these model applications are discussed. Recommendations for model improvements and for further engine development work are made. The need for better experimental data to verify some critical model assumptions is stressed.

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Conference 1988 ASME COGEN-TURBO: 2nd International Symposium on Turbomachinery, Combined-Cycle Technologies and Cogeneration
Tsongas, G.A., & White, A. (1988). Parametric analysis microcomputer model for evaluating the thermodynamic performance of a reciprocating Brayton cycle engine. In American Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Gas Turbine Institute (Publication) IGTI (pp. 219–228).