Dynamic allocation of agents to a set of tasks is a hard problem. Furthermore, having too few or too many agents can result in poor task completion owing to conflicting agent decisions thus creating the problem of the Tragedy of the Commons. This paper proposes a swarm-based algorithm inspired by the social behavior of ants that causes agent specialization to a particular task - resource allocation in a spatial region - and determines the near optimal number of agents required to complete the tasks presented. The utility of the algorithm is demonstrated by application to the dynamic allocation of frequencies in a cellular network.

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Keywords Swarm intelligence, Task allocation
Conference 1st International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence, IJCCI 2009
White, A, Salehi-Abari, A. (Amirali), & Abeysundara, G. (Gayan). (2009). An adaptive swarm-based algorithm for resource allocation in dynamic environments. In IJCCI 2009 - International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence, Proceedings (pp. 183–189).