Internet Protocol (IP) based communication is fast becoming a viable alternative for voice communications. The Intelligent Network (IN) represents the world wide accepted basis for the uniform provision of advanced telecom services. Mobile Agents offer unique opportunities for structuring and implementing open distributed service architectures, facilitated by the dynamic downloading and movement of service code to specific network nodes. In this paper, a new service architecture for IP telephony, based on the ITU-T standard H.323, is proposed. The implementation uses Mobile Agents as an enabling technology and existing architectural concepts taken from IN. This IP service architecture enables telecom services deployed through mobile service agents on a per user basis, which results in several advantages when compared to centralized service architectures.

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Journal Computer Communications
Tang, J., White, A, Pagurek, B., & Glitho, R. (2000). Advanced service architecture for H.323 Internet Protocol Telephony. Computer Communications, 23(8), 740–753. doi:10.1016/S0140-3664(99)00234-0