Whenever the amount of information produced exceeds the amount of attention available to consume it, a competition for attention is born. The competition is increasingly fierce in science where the exponential growth of information has forced its producers, consumers and gatekeepers to become increasingly selective in what they attend to and what they ignore. Paradoxically, as the criteria of selection among authors, editors and readers of scientific journal articles co-evolve, they show signs of becoming increasingly unscientific. The present article suggests how the paradox can be addressed with computer simulation, and what its implications for the future of science might be.

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Keywords Attention, Competition, Consumption, Evolution, Information, Production
Journal JASSS
Thorngate, W, Liu, J. (Jing), & Chowdhury, W. (Wahida). (2011). The competition for attention and the evolution of science. JASSS, 14(4).