Scientists produce much quantitative research hoping to improve people's decisions by changing their minds, that is by influencing their beliefs about what is true or false. However, research indicates that it is more important to change their hearts, that is to influence their values about what is important or trivial. Qualitative research changes hearts more effectively than does quantitative research because qualitative research tends to attract and to inspire larger audiences and because it can more easily communicate practical examples. Some possible uses of qualitative research for policy decisions in gerontology are discussed.

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Keywords Beliefs and Values, décisions de politique, Gerontology, philosophies de la vie, Philosophies of Life, Policy Decisions, Qualitative Research, recherche qualitative, Valeurs et croyances
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Journal Canadian Journal on Aging
Thorngate, W. (1993). A Change of Heart: Uses of Qualitative Gerontology. Canadian Journal on Aging, 12(2), 244–250. doi:10.1017/S0714980800007789