The Clean Development Mechanism, a flexibility mechanism contained in the Kyoto Protocol, offers China an important tool to attract investment in clean energy technology and processes into its electricity sector. The Chinese electricity sector places centrally in the country’s economy and environment, being a significant contributor to the acid rain and air pollution problems that plague many of China’s cities and regions, and therefore a focus of many related energy and environmental policies, China’s electricity sector has also been the subject of a number of economic analyses that have showed that it contains the highest potential for clean energy investment through the Clean Development Mechanism of any economic sector in China. This mechanism, through the active participation from investors in more industrialized countries, can help alleviate the environmental problems attributable to electricity generation in China through advancing such technology as wind electricity generation, clean coal technology, high efficient natural gas electricity generation, or utilization of coal mine methane. In this context, the Clean Development Mechanism also compliments a range of environmental and energy policies which are strategizing to encourage the sustainable development of China’s economy.

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Keywords China’s electricity sector, Clean development mechanism (CDM), Climate policy, Greenhouse gas emissions
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Journal Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment
Steenhof, P.A. (Paul A.). (2005). The clean development mechanism and sustainable development in china’s electricity sector. Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment, 3(2), 3–13. doi:10.1080/10042857.2005.10677409