This paper presents a new algorithm for passivity verification and enforcement on single-port macromodels of microwave devices, characterized by tabulated data. The new approach overcomes the difficulties associated with determining the imaginary eigenvalues of a Hamiltonian matrix, which are traditionally used in validating the passivity of a macromodel. The paper also presents a new method for quantification of passivity violations as well as passivity enforcement.

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Keywords Hamiltonian matrices, Macromodels, Microwave linear devices, Passivity verification and enforcement, Scattering parameters, Tabulated data
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Conference 2008 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, MTT
Walkey, C., Paul, D., Nakhla, M.S, Achar, R, & Weisshaar, A. (2008). A novel passivity verification and enforcement algorithm for macromodels of microwave devices. In IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (pp. 611–614). doi:10.1109/MWSYM.2008.4633240