A new algorithm is presented for sensitivity analysis of nonunifom, multi-conductor transmission lines in the presence of nonlinear terminations. The algorithm is based on model-order reduction using integrated conpence transform. The proposed algorithm does not require partitioning the nonuniform line into cascaded connections of uniform sections. In addition, sensitivity information are obtained f" solving a reduced-order system, which provides significant computational savings.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/EPEP.2003.1250045
Conference Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging, 2003
Gad, E. (Emad), & Nakhla, M.S. (2003). Simulation and sensitivity computation of nonuniform transmission lines via integrated congruence transform. In Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging (pp. 259–262). doi:10.1109/EPEP.2003.1250045