Let I be a n × n binary image stored in a n × n mesh of processors with one pixel per processor. Image I is k-width-connected if, informally, between any pair of 1-pixels there exists a path of width k (composed of 1-pixels only). We consider the problem of determining the largest integer k such that I is k-width-connected, and present an optimal O(n) time algorithm for the mesh architecture.

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Keywords binary images, connected components, k-width-connectivity, meshes, Parallel algorithms
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1016/0925-7721(93)90002-N
Journal Computational Geometry
Hambrusch, S.E. (Susanne E.), & Dehne, F. (1993). Determining maximum k-width-connectivity on meshes. Computational Geometry, 3(2), 91–105. doi:10.1016/0925-7721(93)90002-N