Signal integrity of high-speed VLSI packages and interconnects is becoming one of the critical issues in an overall system design as the operating frequency in electronic systems such as computers and digital communication systems is going higher and higher. In recent years, research into the VLSI package and interconnect optimization problems has been very active, and several important progresses have been made. This paper presents the review of recent development in signal integrity oriented optimization of VLSI packages and interconnects. Advanced optimization techniques are also presented with emphasis on large scale optimization and space mapping, a new concept linking engineering models of different types and levels of complexity.

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Conference Proceedings of the 1998 48th Electronic Components & Technology Conference
Zhang, Q.J, Wang, F., Nakhla, M.S, Bandler, J.W., & Biernacki, R.M. (1998). Signal integrity optimization of high-speed VLSI packages and interconnects. In Proceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference (pp. 1073–1076).