The application of QAM receivers employing passband decision feedback equalization or Viterbi algorithm detection is considered for high-speed data transmission in voiceband telephone channels. Analytical results for the Viterbi receiver indicate that it can permit digital data transmission with symbol rates exceeding the nominal bandwidth capabilities of the channel. However, it is also shown that the minimum distance of partial response-type impulse responses can substantially decrease due to small demodulation phase errors. Thus, decision feedback receivers may offer more robust performance on channels with phase jitter. Copyright

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Journal IEEE Transactions on Communications
Falconer, D.D, & Magee, F.R. (Francis R.). (1976). Evaluation of Decision Feedback Equalization and Viterbi Algorithm Detection for Voiceband Data Transmission—Part I. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 24(10), 1130–1139. doi:10.1109/TCOM.1976.1093227