A dynamic Time Division Multiple Access scheme is proposed for an indoor broadband wireless ATM LAN. The system provides broad band service at a rate of 155.52 Mb/s in an indoor environment for wireless terminals of various traffic rates. The system attempts to bridge the gap between the ATM technology and the wireless LANs. The system assumes a micro-cellular architecture with a low frequency reuse such as 3 or 4. The analysis of the suggested multiple access scheme is carried out. Analytical evaluation of the embedded queueing system is performed. Expressions relating cell loss probability, frame length and structure, and the input traffic statistics to the mean and variance of the buffer size of terminals are obtained.

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Conference Proceedings of the 1997 IEEE Global Telecommunications Mini-Conference
Mahmoud, A.S., Falconer, D.D, & Mahmoud, S.A. (1997). Analysis of a multiple access scheme for broadband indoor wireless ATM LAN. In Conference Record / IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (pp. 171–178).