This paper proposes a transmission scheduling algorithm for interference management in broadband wireless access networks. The algorithm aims at minimizing the cochannel interference using basestation coordination while still maintaining the other quality of service (QoS) requirements such as packet delay, throughput, and packet loss. The interference reduction is achieved by avoiding (or minimizing) concurrent transmission of potential dominant interferers. Dynamic slot allocation based on traffic information in other cells/sectors is employed. In order to implement the algorithm in a distributed manner, basestations have to exchange traffic information. Both real-time and non-real-time services are considered in this work. Results show that significant enhancement in the signal to interference ratio can be achieved which decreases the packet error rate by almost one order of magnitude at the expense of a higher but acceptable packet delay at high loading.

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Keywords Broadband wireless access, Multimedia over wireless, Transmission scheduling in wireless networks
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Conference 5th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, WPMC 2002
Ahmed, M.H. (Mohamed H.), Yanikomeroglu, H, Mahmoud, S.A, & Falconer, D.D. (2002). Scheduling of multimedia traffic in interference-limited broadband wireless access networks. In International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, WPMC (pp. 1108–1112). doi:10.1109/WPMC.2002.1088350