In this work, a Sensorless hybrid control system is proposed for PMSMs requiring only knowledge of flux linkage. The control scheme consists of two adaptive fuzzy logic controllers for speed and direct current control, respectively. On the other hand, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based observer is used to estimate rotor speed and the rotor position is obtained by using integration to reduce the effect of the system's noise. Unlike other sensorless control strategies, this control strategy does not require any prior machine parameter identification. The results for different situations clearly show the good performance of the proposed control strategy.

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Keywords Artifcial Neural Network (ANN), artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, PMSM, sensorless control
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Conference 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2015
Teiar, H. (Hakim), Chaoui, H, & Sicard, P. (Pierre). (2015). Almost parameter-free sensorless control of PMSM. In IECON 2015 - 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (pp. 4667–4671). doi:10.1109/IECON.2015.7392828