This paper proposes an advanced online self-tuning controller design for Four Phase Interleaved Boost Converter (FP-IBC), which is based on MATLAB-dSPACE Real-Time Interface Libraries (MLIB/MTRACE). The proposed controller consists of a Self-tuning Lead-Lag Compensator (SLLC) designed using Small-Signal Model (SSM). The controller's parameters are tuned online to achieve fast convergence and good tracking response when parameters vary. The converter along with its advanced controller is tested experimentally at different loading conditions using two different power sources, i.e., Super-capacitor (SC) and battery modules. The experimental results show that the dynamic response of FP-IBC is significantly improved based on the proposed control design.

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Keywords dc/dc boost converter, Electric vehicles, Four Phase Interleaved Boost Converter, Online controller
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Journal Electric Power Systems Research
Elsied, M., Oukaour, A., Chaoui, H, Gualous, H., Hassan, R., & Amin, A. (2016). Real-time implementation of four-phase interleaved DC–DC boost converter for electric vehicle power system. Electric Power Systems Research, 141, 210–220. doi:10.1016/j.epsr.2016.07.028