All television broadcasters in Canada are required to meet Canadian content regulations. This requirement includes sexually explicit adult channels. Whenever this requirement comes to the attention of the media, through a license application or hearing, there is comic speculation about what might be considered Canadian content in pornography. However, a review of some adult films made in Canada show a distinct Canadian pornography already exists. As with other cultural industries, the pornographic film industry in Canada exists in the shadow of American domination, but survives through various means such as product differ- entiation, appeals to nationalism, and government support. These factors create conditions that encourage distinct pornography. This paper also considers possible cultural implications of a distinct national pornography, the role of the government in controlling pornographic content through extra-legal means, and the implications of that control.

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Keywords Canada, Film, Porn studies, Pornography, Television
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Journal Sexuality and Culture
Covell, T. (Tim). (2016). To know ourselves: Possible meanings of Canadian pornography. Sexuality and Culture, 20(1), 124–139. doi:10.1007/s12119-015-9314-1