Three-dimensional (3D) finite element analyses (FEA) are performed to simulate the local compression (LC) technique on the clamped single-edge notched tension (SE(T)) specimens. The analysis includes three types of indenters, which are single pair of cylinder indenters (SPCI), double pairs of cylinder indenters (DPCI) and single pair of ring indenters (SPRI). The distribution of the residual stress in the crack opening direction in the uncracked ligament of the specimen is evaluated. The outcome of this study can facilitate the use of LC technique on SE(T) specimens.

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Keywords finite element analysis, local compression, Residual stress, single-edge notched tension specimen
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Journal Archive of Mechanical Engineering
Huang, Y. (Yifan), & Zhou, W. (Wenxing). (2016). Residual Stress State in Single-Edge Notched Tension Specimen Caused by the Local Compression Technique. Archive of Mechanical Engineering, 63(4), 635–645. doi:10.1515/meceng-2016-0036