Green information technologies and systems refer to initiatives and programs that directly or indirectly address environmental sustainability in organizations. Although practitioners have begun to focus on 'Green IT', there is little research in this area. To set the stage for this research, we develop a multilevel research framework to guide future research. To do so, we review the existing green information technology and systems literature, and also draw more broadly from research that addresses environmental sustainability in the management, environmental psychology, and social marketing domains. From this review, we identify important research gaps and present a set of propositions to guide future research.

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Keywords Environment, Green, Information, Sustainability, System, Technology
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Journal Information and Organization
Jenkin, T.A. (Tracy A.), Webster, J. (Jane), & McShane, L. (2011). An agenda for 'Green' information technology and systems research. Information and Organization, 21(1), 17–40. doi:10.1016/j.infoandorg.2010.09.003