Virtually all studies of mate choice to date have assumed that females choose mates independent of one another. Social cues, however, such as the mate choice of conspecifics, may also play an important role in such decisions. Previous work has shown that female guppies of similar age copy each other's choice of mates. Here we examine the effect of relative age on mate choice copying in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata, and examine whether younger individuals are more likely to copy the mate choice of older conspecifics than vice versa. Results indicate that younger females copy the mate choice of older females, but older individuals do not appear to be influenced by the mate choice of younger individuals.

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Keywords Copying, Guppy, Mate choice, Poecilia reticulata [Behav Ecol 4:289-292 (1993)]
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Journal Behavioral Ecology
Dugatkin, L.A. (Lee Alan), & Godin, J.-G.J. (1993). Female mate copying in the guppy {poecilia reticulata): Age-dependent effects. Behavioral Ecology, 4(4), 289–292. doi:10.1093/beheco/4.4.289