This volume provides an up to date and comprehensive overview of the philosophy and neuroscience movement, which applies the methods of neuroscience to traditional philosophical problems and uses philosophical methods to illuminate issues in neuroscience. At the heart of the movement is the conviction that basic questions about human cognition, many of which have been studied for millennia, can be answered only by a philosophically sophisticated grasp of neuroscience’s insights into the processing of information by the human brain. Essays in this volume are clustered around five major themes: data and theory in neuroscience; neural representation and computation; visuomotor transformations; color vision; and consciousness.

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Brook, A, & Akins, K. (Kathleen). (2005). Cognition and the brain: The philosophy and neuroscience movement. Cognition and the Brain: The Philosophy and Neuroscience Movement, 1–430. doi:10.1017/CBO9780511610608