Solid-phase 13C NMR spectra are presented for the title systems. For dibenzo-12-crown-4, cis-anti-cis-di-cyclohexano-12-crown-4, and the LiNCS complex of the cis-syn-cis isomer, asymmetric units derived from the NMR data are consistent with single-crystal X-ray data. In the uncomplexed cis-syn-cis isomer, intermolecular crystal packing effects are shown to render intramolecularly equivalent carbons nonequivalent. Some factors contributing to the 13C steric shifts in these molecules are discussed.

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Journal Journal of Organic Chemistry
Buchanan, G.W, Kirby, R.A., Charland, J.P., & Ratcliffe, C.I. (1991). 12-Crown-4 ethers: Solid-state stereochemical features of dibenzo-12-crown-4, derived dicyclohexano-12-crown-4 isomers, and a lithium thiocyanate complex as determined via 13C CPMAS nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray crystallographic methods. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 56(1), 203–212.