13C NMR chemical shifts and 13C31P couplings are reported for 18 phosphol‐3‐ene 1‐oxides and 18 corresponding sulfides. The effects of methyl substitution at positions 3 and 4 on the carbon shifts have been systematically explored and substituent parameters derived. One bond couplings from phosphorus to C‐2 and C‐5 have been related to the sum of the exocyclic substituent group electronegativities (covalent boundary potential values). Copyright

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1002/omr.1270210708
Journal Organic Magnetic Resonance
Buchanan, G.W, & Webb, V.L. (1983). Phosphol‐3‐ene 1‐oxides and ‐sulfides. A systematic investigation via carbon‐13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Organic Magnetic Resonance, 21(7), 436–442. doi:10.1002/omr.1270210708