13C NMR chemical shifts and 13C31P couplings are reported for triphenyl phosphate and 13 alkyl derivatives. In ortho‐alkylated materials, it is found that the upfield γ shielding effect is only operative when the carbon atom, situated γ to the exocyclic oxygen, bears at least one hydrogen. Conformational changes about the arylO bond can be monitored via the vicinal 31pOC13C couplings. Copyright

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1002/mrc.1270190211
Journal Organic Magnetic Resonance
Buchanan, G.W, Wightman, R.H., & Malaiyandi, M. (1982). A carbon‐13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectral investigation of substituted triphenyl phosphates. Organic Magnetic Resonance (Vol. 19, pp. 98–101). doi:10.1002/mrc.1270190211