Detailed large-scale isolation procedures for 2-exo, 10-dichlorobornane and 2,2,5-endo, 6-exo, 8,9,10-heptachloro-bornane (Toxicant B) and the separation of a polymorph of Toxicant B from chlorination of camphene are described. The compounds are spectroscopically identified.

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Journal Chemosphere
Malaiyandi, M., Buchanan, G.W, Nikiforov, V., & Williams, D.T. (1993). Large scale isolation and spectroscopic characterization of 2,2,5-endo, 6-exo, 8,9,10-heptachlorobornane from chlorination of camphene. Chemosphere, 27(10), 1849–1856. doi:10.1016/0045-6535(93)90380-N