In this paper, the authors address a literature gap with regard to sponsorship outcomes of mega-events and their host countries. This paper is about research that investigates the interrelatedness of three important images-host country, mega-event, and sponsor images-from the perspective of a cameo appearance building on the sponsorship and brand placement literature. It is based on the premise that the host city makes a cameo appearance during a mega-event for sport tourists while the event itself makes a cameo appearance for residents of the host country. The results indicate that mega-events can have a transitory influence, and that cameo effects exist, but that the patterns of relationships are different for sport tourists and residents.

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Keywords Destination image, FIFA World Cup, Place, Sport
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Journal Journal of Sport Management
Nadeau, J. (John), Norm, O.R. (O'Reilly), Cakmak, E. (Erdinc), Heslop, L.A, & Verwey, S. (Sonja). (2016). The cameo effect of host country and the transitory mega-event: Patterns of effect on sponsorship evaluation for sport tourists and residents. Journal of Sport Management, 30(6), 656–671. doi:10.1123/jsm.2016-0048