The hosting of a mega-sport event (MSE) has a number of implications for a host country, some positive and some negative. This research explores the influence of the on-field performance of the host country's national team (NT), in this case for the Olympic Games, on the decision to bid for and potentially host such an MSE. Previous studies have normally focused on residents and international tourists who attend the event, thereby not considering the views of (i) nonresident communities of the host country and (ii) international and domestic spectators. This research responds by investigating the impact of individual associations with the (Olympic) NT through examining the expectations for and perceived performance of the NT on behavioral attitudes of domestic (Canadian) and foreign (American) residents toward the NT itself, the MSE, and the host country, around the 2010 Winter Vancouver Olympic Games.

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Keywords Consumer attitudes, National Team, Vancouver Olympic Games
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Journal Journal of Sport Management
Armenakyan, A. (Anahit), Norm, O.R. (O'Reilly), Heslop, L.A, Nadeau, J. (John), & Lu, I. (2016). It's all about my team: Mega-sport events and consumer attitudes in a time series approach. Journal of Sport Management, 30(6), 597–614. doi:10.1123/jsm.2015-0295